11 Things Nobody Tells You About Parenthood

Motherhood is weird as fuck. You're obsessed with your tiny human, but at the same time would give ANYTHING for an hour long soak in a boiling hot bubble bath with a cuppa, scented candle and Netflix, only to miss their little face after 5 minutes. It's something no one did or could have possibly prepared me… Continue reading 11 Things Nobody Tells You About Parenthood

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I’m Not A Young Mum

I know you're probably thinking 'well she kinda is a young mum' but I don't feel like one. I was 19 when I fell pregnant with Elijah, and 20 when I gave birth to him so obviously I was fairly young. But I hate the phrase 'young mum' simply because why would being young make me any different of… Continue reading I’m Not A Young Mum


Cloth Nappies So Far

So if you haven't noticed from my Instagram cloth spam, we've started to use cloth nappies much more regularly! I'm using them on Elijah in the day time, I haven't quite mastered night time cloth as he's a real heavy wetter and we haven't found any to work at night. I'm obsessed with bambino miosolos… Continue reading Cloth Nappies So Far


Breastfeeding Elijah, the struggles

'I couldn't breastfeed' is something I hear a lot. It's really sad, but it's something I almost said at the start of breastfeeding Elijah. Long story short, I struggled through it and am now successfully breastfeeding my chunky 18lb 16 week old baby! That's the short version, but I'll give you the long one anyway… Continue reading Breastfeeding Elijah, the struggles