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Making Memories With Cheerz

Okay, I'm not actually making memories with Cheerz, but they're doing a grand job on helping me store the memories that have already been made! As a compulsive keeper of things, I just adore having physical copies of photos I love. I'm always so worried about my laptop or phone being accidentally wiped, imagine losing all those memories! Elijah's… Continue reading Making Memories With Cheerz


21st Birthday Wish List

So, the big 21st birthday is coming up. Do I need more reason to write a wish list? Now I'm not actually expecting anything from this - I'm doing this purely out of boredom, because having a baby means I can only really window shop for all the nice things I want! Not that I'd… Continue reading 21st Birthday Wish List

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I’m Not A Young Mum

I know you're probably thinking 'well she kindaΒ isΒ a young mum'Β but I don't feel like one. I was 19 when I fell pregnant with Elijah, and 20 when I gave birth to himΒ so obviously I was fairly young. But I hate the phrase 'young mum' simply because why would being young make me any different of… Continue reading I’m Not A Young Mum


Breastfeeding Elijah, the struggles

'I couldn't breastfeed' is something I hear a lot. It's really sad, but it's something I almost said at the start of breastfeeding Elijah. Long story short, I struggled through it and am now successfully breastfeeding my chunky 18lb 16 week old baby! That's the short version, but I'll give you the long one anyway… Continue reading Breastfeeding Elijah, the struggles