Weaning: The Right Way

I started weaning Elijah onto food the week he turned 6 months old, and it was so so stressful. I had this image in my head, that at 6 months old I'd start baby led weaning and all would be great! Well it bloody wasn't. Elijah is such a grabby baby, like every toy he plays with goes straight… Continue reading Weaning: The Right Way


Lumie Cosmetics: Cupcake

Happy post is always exciting, especially when it's the new liquid lipstick you've been eyeing up for the past few weeks. Obviously I was super happy to try out the new fun brand Lumie Cosmetics. They currently offer five shades of liquid to matte lipsticks being Pecan, Cupcake, Maple, Cookie and Brownie. I have a new found love… Continue reading Lumie Cosmetics: Cupcake


My Favourite ‘Accidentally Vegan’ Foods

Let's be honest, being vegan is rather challenging when you're a big lover of chocolate and junk food. Unfortunately, it seems that every good potentially vegan foods always contain milk powder or those pesky egg whites! Thankfully, there is a bunch of food which are, as we call them, accidentally vegan. These are foods that aren't intentionally Free From or marked… Continue reading My Favourite ‘Accidentally Vegan’ Foods


My First Vegan Month

It's been around a month now since I made the decision to transition from veggie to vegan, and it's been surprisingly easy. I've had a few slip ups, but veganism is a journey - not a destination! I've eaten out at a few food places, ordered far too much pizza and been on a few day… Continue reading My First Vegan Month