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my nursery inspiration

Being 4 days overdue now, I'm getting quite bored and am very limited to what I can do. I can barely walk to the shop and back without having crippling back pains so I've been stuck inside for quite a while. One thing I've been doing a lot of is searching Pinterest for baby boy… Continue reading my nursery inspiration


38 weeks pregnant

Another week has gone by at snails pace, and now I'm due next week! I'm 38 weeks and 3 days preggo now and time goes by slower and slower everrrrrry single day. Like time has been suspended in my own little pregnancy bubble. But my due date is next week, how crazy! I'm really chilled about the fact I'll… Continue reading 38 weeks pregnant


the perfect glow

Yep, I've found it. The perfect glow. I've found the perfect highlight to compliment any contour - subtle or bold. It's the highlight you've been dreaming of. It's Mary-Lou Manizer by theBalm Cosmetics. And yes, it's that good it deserves a blog post of its own. I actually only come across this highlighter recently because my sister brought it… Continue reading the perfect glow


36 week update

Elijah, I'm ready for you! And I'm getting a little bit impatient.. I'm now 36 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and it's taking its toll on me. I'm knackered. I'm tired, I have a constant headache, I'm constantly eating whilst feeling very nauseous. I pee enough in one hour to sink a small ship. However,… Continue reading 36 week update


a few things i’ve learnt since being pregnant

I've been pregnant for 36 weeks now, which feels like a lifetime. But in this space of time, I've learnt a few important lessons which I'm going to share with you all in this post. This is my first pregnancy, so I still have a lot to learn. It's important to remember every pregnancy is different,… Continue reading a few things i’ve learnt since being pregnant


pregnancy so far

So, I've been pregnant for 35 weeks now and it feels like forever.  It's been pretty straight forward actually, well, except for my drama-filled life. But that's a whole other story. This might be a long post. I've been blessed with a simple pregnancy, just a little lack of iron and some awful acid reflux… Continue reading pregnancy so far