Weaning: The Right Way

I started weaning Elijah onto food the week he turned 6 months old, and it was so so stressful. I had this image in my head, that at 6 months old I'd start baby led weaning and all would be great! Well it bloody wasn't. Elijah is such a grabby baby, like every toy he plays with goes straight… Continue reading Weaning: The Right Way


Me And Max Clothing

This is just going to be a quick little review on of handmade baby clothes shop I found on Instagram a few months ago. I don't usually write reviews like this solely on one brand but this shop is so under rated it deserves some well earned attention! I've no idea how I found the… Continue reading Me And Max Clothing


What I’d Tell My 15 Year Old Self

Oh gosh, my 15 year old self was an absolute nightmare. If I could go back 6 years and give myself some pretty decent advice, I 100% would. Teachers have feelings too! Funnily enough, they do, they're people too. I wasn't the most pleasant teenager to be around, mood swings and puberty made me a hormonal snappy… Continue reading What I’d Tell My 15 Year Old Self


Breastfeeding Elijah, the struggles

'I couldn't breastfeed' is something I hear a lot. It's really sad, but it's something I almost said at the start of breastfeeding Elijah. Long story short, I struggled through it and am now successfully breastfeeding my chunky 18lb 16 week old baby! That's the short version, but I'll give you the long one anyway… Continue reading Breastfeeding Elijah, the struggles


Why I’m Glad Elijah Woke Me At 4am

Last night, Elijah and I went up to bed at our usual 10pm (ish) time. He fed to sleep, as normal. He then awakened at 1am, 2.30am and once again at 4am. Sometimes he wakes just for me to give him a quick rub of the belly, others to pop his dummy back in. Most of… Continue reading Why I’m Glad Elijah Woke Me At 4am