Where Art Thou ‘Gentle Hands’ ?!

'Ello ello ello. So, Elijah has just passed 20 months and where the effff has the time gone?! Time is passing faster than a moving train and I can't keep up with his development. It's crazy the new things he's learning every day. Like, every morning now because he has the ability to open doors… Continue reading Where Art Thou ‘Gentle Hands’ ?!

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Seeing things clearly again

Hello hello hello, wonderful people who happen to be reading this! I haven’t really blogged in a few months for a few reasons. One reason being I started to feel that I wasn’t actually interesting enough to be a blogger! I mean, I’m not exactly the most exciting person to be writing blogs on the… Continue reading Seeing things clearly again


Little Mr Independent

Elijah is such a handful now he’s grown up into a proper toddler. It’s near impossible to take him to regular baby/toddler groups, mainly because he spends a lot of time trying to escape or climbing tables and everything in sight. I don’t particularly mind, we just spend a lot more time in the outdoors.… Continue reading Little Mr Independent


Belated 2018 Goals

This post is like 15 days late, but I guess it's better late then never! I wasn't actually going to do a new year resolution post because I find them so cliche but list writing brings me so much positive vibes and I need all the posi vibes one can get. So here goes, my… Continue reading Belated 2018 Goals


Single Mum Realities, a long moan

I’ve been feeling pretty shitty lately, no idea why (I know full well why - a big fat FUCK YOU to Mother Nature you old rag). Being a single mum is bloody great and I’m so empowered and strong and blah blah blaaaaah. It’s nice I feel that way sometimes, and it’s really bloody fantastic… Continue reading Single Mum Realities, a long moan


New house to our home

Well actually, it's a new flat but hey ho. Elijah and I moved into our new flat just over a month ago, it's been stressful to say the least but perfect nonetheless. Having our own space is wonderful, we had a little temp flat for a month or so before hand but this, is our… Continue reading New house to our home