Happy International Women’s Day

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY BABES! Whoop, it's that one day of the year where everybody comes together and celebrates all women, however strong and powerful and god damn wonderful we all are. I do class myself as a feminist, and although some seem to think that means I'd hate men - I absolutely don't. Feminism… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

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Making Memories With Cheerz

Okay, I'm not actually making memories with Cheerz, but they're doing a grand job on helping me store the memories that have already been made! As a compulsive keeper of things, I just adore having physical copies of photos I love. I'm always so worried about my laptop or phone being accidentally wiped, imagine losing all those memories! Elijah's… Continue reading Making Memories With Cheerz


The Simple Things

Last Saturday, me and my sister Rach decided to take Elijah to the park. I don't know why I never thought to take him before? I think we forget about the simplest things in life. It was lovely to get out the house into some lovely sunny fresh air! I've finally transferred him from his… Continue reading The Simple Things