My Labour Story

It just occurred to me that I never blogged my labour and birthing story, even though I was actually asked to It's quite long.. 4 days in fact.. but if you stick around - thanks! Just a little warning.. it might get a little bit TMI - read on at your own wish you've been… Continue reading My Labour Story


DIY Memory Box

Okay, so I'm a self confessed hoarder. I keep everything. When I look at something, I see memories so I like to treasure them as much as possible! The obvious downfall to this is the amount of clutter I end up with! I'd gathered up a lot of Elijah's 'first things' and it seemed such a shame… Continue reading DIY Memory Box


Crafty Christmas

I told myself, I wouldn't be 'that' mum. The mum who is always doing something with or for their child. That one who is forever posting picture after picture or their baby as if they'd never get another chance to ever again. Turns out, I am. I'm not even ashamed of that, I love my little… Continue reading Crafty Christmas