Where Art Thou ‘Gentle Hands’ ?!

‘Ello ello ello.

So, Elijah has just passed 20 months and where the effff has the time gone?!

Time is passing faster than a moving train and I can’t keep up with his development. It’s crazy the new things he’s learning every day.

Like, every morning now because he has the ability to open doors (not fun, FYI) he strolls himself into the kitchen, gets his stool, and grabs his own yoghurt and spoon, gets back into my bed and wakes me up. Brb just crying because he’s SO GROWN UP 😭😭.

Anyway, one thing he hasn’t quite got to grips with yet is ‘ gentle hands’. Like, he’s the most boisterous kid I’ve ever met.

For example, he won’t just put a toy down, he launches it into the toy box.

He won’t just get one book from his bookshelf, he’ll throw them all around the room until he finds one he likes the look of.

Am I missing something? When I say the words ‘gentle hands’ he almost cackles in my face. 🤣

It’s definitely hard not to laugh at a mischievous toddler, isn’t it? 😅

Anyway, any tips would be grand. And I guess for now, I’ll embrace the hulk wannabe that escaped my womb.

Adios fellas,

Laura Loveday xo


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