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Seeing things clearly again

Hello hello hello, wonderful people who happen to be reading this!

I haven’t really blogged in a few months for a few reasons. One reason being I started to feel that I wasn’t actually interesting enough to be a blogger!

I mean, I’m not exactly the most exciting person to be writing blogs on the convenient platform of wordpress, jetting off to exciting destinations and heading off to weekly press launches.. although a gal can dream!

Alas, I genuinely enjoy writing as one of the only talents I have (apart from the ability to lose 5 inches of love handles hours before a night out – don’t ask – 99% sure you don’t wanna know!) so here I am facing a lil’ fear of mine and putting myself out there again.

The other reason I unintentionally took time away from my blog was the company I’ve been around.

Never have I seen so clearly the effects that your company, the people/person who claim to care for you and the people you associate yourself with can drastically change your personality.

Not just little things you like and dislike, but your moods. Your motivation (or in my case, lack of it). The ability to genuinely change your core beliefs and everything that once mattered, suddenly doesn’t matter anymore.

Blogging at one point was the only sense of direction I had, and it held the ability to calm me down by the time I’d only gotten two sentences into a pointless post.

However with one comment along the lines of ‘bit sad isn’t it, spending 24/7 with your kid then writing all about it’ kinda killed off the joy that writing bought me.

Never the less, here I am. Back with a vengeance and ready to get this little @lauralovedayy blog going again!

Watch this space, ‘cos I’m seeing things a hella lot clearly now and I’m ready to get my sense of motivation and a couple of dreams (big and small) planned out.

Laura Loveday



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