Little Mr Independent

Elijah is such a handful now he’s grown up into a proper toddler. It’s near impossible to take him to regular baby/toddler groups, mainly because he spends a lot of time trying to escape or climbing tables and everything in sight.

I don’t particularly mind, we just spend a lot more time in the outdoors. Most days I take him to the park, his little face lights up when he sees a slide now 😭.

Little Mr Independent barely even needs me to help him anymore. He’s not keen on being in the buggy anymore!


Our new Nuby rucksack has been a godsend because of this. It’s so convenient to have ready packed by the door ready to throw on whilst I chase after Elijah out the door.

It’s honestly brilliant, and the little adjustable pockets on either side are dead handy. Wipes in one side, his water bottle in the other, ‘cos you always need one or the other!


What really impressed me was how easily the straps adjust – I can be a little dim at times and adjustable straps are usually a bug bear of mine because I can never figure them out ! But these ones are fab!

Being the ridiculously unorganised mess I am, the separate compartments it features is a bloody miracle for me. (5 zip pockets, and 4 inner pockets to be exact 😉) One for spare clothes (anyone else’s toddler a mud magnet?!), nappies, toys, snacks etc. I use the small front section as an ‘emergency teething pack’ holding E’s teething rings and anbesol for the inevitable teething related tantrums.

This rucksack is faultless so far, and the main thing is it genuinely looks lovely! It’s sleek, made with lush grey fabric which is designed to stay in shape with its suede features, and doesn’t look like your bog standard bulky ‘travelling the world in 3 days’ backpack. Even the nice lady who helped me mid meltdown in the tube station told me how good it looks, lol.

I can’t miss out the fabulous changing mat that’s included, it stores away neatly in the back for easy access.

Anyway, the rucksack is faultless and I really can’t complain because it’s been a life saver to have everything organised inside and being able to just throw it on to take Elijah out for walks and travels. 10/10 from me, Nuby!





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Laura Loveday xo


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