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London: The Toddler Experience

Boy was that an experience.

(If you cba to read and just want the highlights, scroll to the bottom :))

After a nice afternoon lunch, I realised how bloody boring I am. I never really leave this little home town of mine, and my experiences are little to none compared to some.

This prompted a ‘spontaneous’ trip to London. To be honest, I could have really done with staying at home and venturing to ‘spoons for a five ninety five lunch deal.

I mean, it wasn’t all bad, and it was an experience for sure. I just could have been more prepared, and planned a bit more than I did. Like, as soon as I was on the train I felt pretty out of my depth when I realised actually, I can count on both hands how many times I’ve used the national bloody rail.

Anxious is putting how I felt lightly when I was in Euston tube station, but the absolute babe behind the visitor guide desk made me feel 100% more at ease and planned out a lil tube trip for us whilst complimenting my back pack (thanks hun).

For anyone planning on using the tube with a buggy, here’s some advice: DON’T.

It’s doable, but it’s a pain in the fucking arse. It’s alright when there’s lifts and they’re actually working, but once you hit Kensington station where there ARE NO LIFTS, ya fucked.

D’ya know what though, one thing I noticed was people are actually quite lovely. Every single time I was about to lug Elijah in one arm and the buggy in the other, a stranger came over and insisted on helping. Not once did I struggle alone and that just made me feel dead impressed with London. Except the bastards that insist on running down the escalators (what’s the extra 5 seconds gonna get you????).

Obvs my child is a show off so he loved the tube (except when he was itching to run around, where I took this beaut of a photo) because he got to smile at all the ladies whilst they awwwed at him.

We had a quick walk around in the British Library. That place is a dreaaaaam for a bookworm like myself. Elijah just loved to climb the billions of stairs but I wasn’t gonna complain, he was loving life. The gift shop has the most adorable kids books but Elijah had other plans like running off so I unfortunately didn’t buy any!

Anyway, I was advised to get off at Green park? Or something. I can’t even remember the name. To avoid a shit ton of stairs which weren’t even that bad! But anyway, we (I, Elijah was KO) had a lil look at Buckingham Palace which was cute, nice and spacious so I wasn’t ramming the pram into strangers ankles. He woke up shortly after and had an absolute whale of a time chasing ducks to his hearts fullest content in the Queens Meadow.

So, the plan was to end up at the Science Museum cos y’know, its free and educational and why wouldn’t Elijah love it? Well, lemme tell ya, the journey there through Westminster was a MISSION. It took an hour and 20 minutes (Google map you LIED when you told me 31 minutes), one McDonalds pit stop, one cheeky Zara purchase and a few strangers pointing me the way because my phone inevitably died halfway there.

I spotted Harrods on the way too, fuck me that place is massive. I had  to ask the weirdly fit doorman for directions to the Toy Kingdom, and when I eventually waded through the hundreds of perfume counters I found it and WOWZERS that place is what childhood dreams are made of. Elijah 100% approved of that.

We got to the science museum. What happened next? Elijah hated the place. He was bored because I kept having to say no to touching things, he didn’t want to be confined to the children’s area, the cafe was also too boring for him ( and quite overpriced… £2 for a can of coke!!! ) and I couldn’t even be arsed to browse the shop by then.

We had a little walk around where Elijah was placed in a trance via street performers and buskers, cooed at and photographed by strangers (?), we had another Pret a Manger before I decided it was time to get back home.

So that was that.

Some tips I’d give to anyone browsing London with a toddler/buggy:

A rucksack change bag! I had my beaut of a backpack from Nuby which definitely saved some of my sanity. Wipes in one side pocket, Elijah’s drink in the other, and a shit ton of separate compartments to find everything dead easy.

Either a good pair of walking shoes, or some plasters for after. ‘Cos I’ve got blister for DAYZ right now. Everywhere is a mission away from each over.

A plan. Because I didn’t even have a PLA (Phoebe Buffett whooooo?) and was so unorganised.

Ask for help if you need it, because people will!

A PHONE BATTERY BANK. My phone died like four times and it was the most annoying thing. Google maps where u @ when I need ya?

Places with toddlers:

The tube with a buggy – Unless you hate yourself, I wouldn’t bother

The British Library: Adorable! Would go again, to pass time and chill said toddler out for a bit.

Buckingham Palace – Not bad for a little sight seeing

The Queens Meadow – 10/10 Winner for open space and running around.

Science Museum – Absolute fail. Probably be good for some others though! Just not mine.

Harrods Toy Kingdom: An all round win! Elijah approved, Mum approved, my bank account? Not so much.

Anyway, I can’t say I’ll be rushing off to London with Elijah anytime soon again, but for £22 return train trip I can’t complain too much! It was definitely an experience, but I think our next day trip might be a little less, city, and more open space. Gotta let the kid run!

I went to London and all I got was this lousy ironic tourist photo’

Thanks for reading! Cheerio.

Laura Loveday xo


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