Belated 2018 Goals

This post is like 15 days late, but I guess it’s better late then never!

I wasn’t actually going to do a new year resolution post because I find them so cliche but list writing brings me so much positive vibes and I need all the posi vibes one can get.

So here goes, my 2018 goals.

Save some money.

Fuck me I’m so terribly bad with money. It’s actually embarrassing and it needs to stop. I’m an impulse spender, don’t get me wrong I can always feed and provide for Elijah but I don’t even think when I buy things! I want to save at least ยฃ200 (small amount, alas realistic) and budget budget budget!

Travel more.

Alongside being an impulsive spender, I’ve found myself to be awfully materialistic. It needs to stop, really. I’d like to spend more time making memories with myself and Elijah, travelling and seeing more of the world *read: England.. I’m too poor to jet off to Thailand and Bali!*.

Blog regularly.

Not daily or anything, but more routinely. Maybe once a fortnight or so? I like routine. I love to blog and it honestly helps me in so many ways, but when moods are low it’s hard to find the motivation. Planning should come in handy here.

Be kinder to myself.

It’s easy to find all the negatives about yourself, pointing out every single flaw and imperfection, obsessing over how you look and come across and you get the picture. Self care isn’t selfish. I’m not going to pretend to love myself but I do need to at least like myself a little bit.

Be kinder to my body.

This one kind of follows on from the last, because if I’m not looking after myself how am I supposed to like myself? I’m not talking Buddha bowls for every lunch and obsessing over calories, because when a ‘Spoons is calling you better believe I’m getting a veggie burger and Pepsi max lunch deal down me. I’m talking more veggies, more water and more exercise.

Be positive.

I’m so so so sick of being a Negative Nilly all the time. Positive changes need to be made and I’m promising myself to find the good in everything, rather than being a moody bitch because I can’t get my own way.

Well that’s that, my belated 2018 goals. I wonder how this will go…

Happy New Year!

Laura Loveday xo


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