New home: Elijah’s room

Okay so it’s not 100% finished and there’s a fair bit left to do, but Elijah’s play room is done for now!

I get a lot of questions about the details when I post about it so I’m going to do this post so it’s all in one!

The question I get the most is about his walls. ‘Where’s the wallpaper from’ I wish I could tell you but it’s not actually wallpaper!

They’re all individual vinyl spot stickers, each placed one by one. It took around 2-3 hours to do but it’s sooo worth it. It’s a new build blocks of flats so I’m not allowed to wallpaper/paint so these spotty stickers were the perfect compromise.

The rainbow is also a vinyl sticker.

Elijah doesn’t actually have a bed yet so Lamar the Lion is in this corner for the time being. His over door hanger which matches perfectly was £10 (I think) from Tiger. The little plaque is handmade from Shabby Chic Creations on Facebook/Insta.

I adore these prints. The middle personalised bear print with Elijah’s name on is from Oh So Printy on insta and it’s amazing quality! The rest were 50p postcards from Tiger framed.

The (coincidentally, by the way) teddies are also from tiger as well as the cute as books!

I handmade this garland, it took about 5 minutes and didn’t cost much at all. Fairy lights made the cutest addition to this room. The rainbow print is from TheCraftyLittleMagpieCo on eBay, as well as the rainbow!

The rainbow wall hanging was handmade by a friend (and if you want one I can point you to her direction!).

Inevitably as the hoarder I am, some of Elijah’s artwork (?) had a place of pride in this little section, and I reckon it looks adorable.

I’m planning on adding 3 more bookshelves to the left of this because they’re quite small and his book collection is ever growing.

The shelves are £2.99 in B&M, and so are the white frames (3 for £4.99). The garland is handmade by me again.

The prints are from TheCraftyLittleMagpieCo on eBay again, the top one is a Roald Dahl quote 😍. Hey Diddle Diddle is Elijah’s favourite rhyme so it felt right to display it somewhere!

I wish I could show you the hot mess that’s Elijah’s clothes storage situation but it’s just a boring big set of drawers crying for a pick of paint, and he doesn’t actually have any other furniture whilst he’s still bed sharing!

So yeah, that’s Elijah’s playroom (I don’t call it a bedroom ‘cos there’s no point in lying!). If there’s anything I’ve missed please do ask, and anything else you want to see as always just message/comment 😘

Laura Loveday xo


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