23 firsts in 12 months

Where does the time go?

Elijah is one tomorrow. ONE!!??

This time last year I was hurled up in a ball in bed, thrashing myself around, two hot water bottles on rotation force feeding myself for energy waiting for my waters to burst.

The sweet child of mine is currently fast asleep after yet another night of seeing every two hours 🙃 so I’m reminiscing the last year through pictures.

It’s unbelievable how much he’s progressed, and all the big development leaps and little progresses I forget we’re huge at the time! Anyway, this is 23 firsts in 12 months.

First feed. Well technically after.

The first time you kept me up all night (his first night 🙈)

First trip out .. to Asda!

Your first real not wind smile ❤️.

Your first Halloween.

Your first time learning to kick your legs (this made you extra happy).

Your first Christmas season 🎄

First time using your hands properly for grabbing and holding

First time rolling over back to front (you mastered front to back weeks before).

First valentines day

First trip to the farm with your bestie Noah (not the goat)

First time swimming.

This was a big day.. first time in the big boy stroller and first time at the park

First time sitting up unaided (seconds after this picture)

Your first Doggy best friend (r.i.p Clear)

First proper summer day

Your first foods.. you actually stole my cookie and started eating it before I could stop you, but hey if that’s not baby led weaning idk what is!

Not so much a first but your Naming Ceremony.

First holiday to Great Yarmouth

Your first time standing alone!

In your first bedroom.

Your first steps… were way before this but I can’t get a good picture of you anymore!

That’s all I can find right now! It’s been a crazy wonderful and fast year but I wouldn’t change a thing. Roll on your big day tomorrow!

Laura Loveday xo


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