‘But what do you actually do with Zoflora?’

‘But what do you actually do with Zoflora?’ is something I get quite often.

It’s pretty common knowledge if you know me at all that I’m a self confessed Zoflora hoarder/addict. Like it’s almost a bit weird how obsessed I am with a cleaning product but hey, ho, a gal’s gotta have something to be proud of 🤷🏻‍♀️

Living by myself again (plus one almost one year old *cryyyy*) is amazing and I’m really house proud… most of the time and so naturally the Zoflora collection has grown again.

People always ask me ‘So I brought some Zoflora but what do I actually do with it?’ so I thought I may as well write a blog post on it ‘cos what else am I gonna do on a Tuesday night?!

My main use of Zoflora is using it as a general disinfectant. It’s not a cleaner so I found out a while back 🙈

I dilute it in an empty spray bottle (Home Bargains 30p in the hair care section!) with warm water so it’s ready to use at any given time with a microfibre cloth.

It’s something like 1 cap full to 40ml of water but I go way over because I like strong scents in my flat.

A cap full down the toilet, plug holes and sinks before bed, and wake up to the freshest most beautiful scented flat 🙌🏻 So heavenly.

Rub/spray some on the radiators before the heating comes on to spread the scent around the home.

Dilute it in a mop bucket with water for a lovely smelling clean floor.

And lastly, a couple of cap fulls in a washing up bowl/container with boiling hot water will make your home smell like a little slice of heaven.

P.s My favourite scent is Pink Grapefruit and it’s my absolute must-have! Also loving these festive scents 😏

Laura Loveday xo


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