Memory Bear

You only need to glance through my blog to know that I’m absolutely a borderline hoarder. I keep everything that belongs to or was made by Elijah. Keeping his newborn baby clothes just folded up in a box seemed like such a shame, but all the memory blankets started at £65+ which is just waaaay out of my crappy mum budget.

Scrolling through insta as always I came across the lovely Holly’s instagram page, full up of all the cath kidson patterns and fabrics and a few lovely bears popping up. Turns out the bears were memory bears, made with baby clothes.

They’re just £15 which was way more my budget, plus £5 postage. I sent 2 items of clothing but you have the option of 2 to I think 12 items of clothing which is great if you want to mix it up!

The communication was spot on and she thoroughly made sure I was happy with everything before going ahead with it. Within a week my lovely bear had arrived! Honestly, the turn around time was amazing which is perfect for someone as impatient as myself!

My little Elijah memory bear is perfect. I even have a hanging heart (extra £4) made with the extra material from the sleepsuit, and the buttons are from the dungarees! That little touch was so thoughtful. It has Elijah’s name and date of birth on the back. The packaging is super sweet, too.

I honestly cannot fault Holly in any way, the communication, turnaround time, the products! All 100% amazing. If you’re looking for someone to make a memory bear I highly recommend her, especially as it can be hard to trust somebody with such sentimental items!!


Anyway, thanks for reading and here’s her Instagram and Website.

Laura Loveday xo


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