Being A Single Mum

Being a Mum is fucking hard. But being a single mum is a different kind of hard. Not harder, but literally a completely different kind of hard. You’re solely responsible for your tiny human. You put the food on the table. You make sure they’re clothed. You make sure they’re healthy. You do the bedtimes, the baths, the begging them to eat something. The cries and the comforting.

You and only you.

So why are we so judged? Why is there such a huge horrible label against single mums?

Being a single mum isn’t a bad thing. For fucks sake, I deserve a medal for single handedly raising my child alone and keeping him alive. Not dirty looks and snotty comments from Janet who reckons ‘kids shouldn’t have kids especially when the dads not around’.

FYI all the ‘Janet’s’ can go f*ck themselves 😉

Being a single mum means you give up most of you. I don’t get the partner coming home at 5pm and whisking the baby away for a few hours. It’s constant, non stop tidying up toys, being climbed all over at every minute of every day. Barely scraping half an hour to yourself at night time to baby wipe your makeup off and grab a quick bath.

You give up the most part of your social life. You give up the branded makeup, switch river island clothes for primark tees and long gone are the days of hairdressers and nail appointments.

When I found out I was pregnant, I absolutely knew I would raise my baby the best I possibly could. It never EVER crossed my mind to run away from my responsibilities.

His dad, however, ran away from his.

Nowhere to be seen.

So why should I be judged for that?

Why are single mums still being judged, for the males recklessness? Think about that before you go to judge a single mum for not having her babies dad around.

Laura Loveday xo



5 thoughts on “Being A Single Mum”

  1. I’m not a single Mum but I respect any single parent for what they do. I feel like I can barely cope some days and I’m very lucky to have a loving partner who would do anything for us so goodness knows the daily struggles you have to put up with!
    I found it strange that you referenced these stereotypical judgemental people through the name ‘Janet’ when I’ve just done the EXACT same thing in my most recent post haha! It must just be Janet’s who are the problem
    Stay strong x


  2. Mummy-Namesake!!!
    You’re an amazing woman and my kindred spirit: I couldn’t have written it better myself!
    It’s just my princess-peach and I. She saved me tbh, from a life of meaningless self-destruction. And I am blessed.
    But it’s hard. REALLY fucking hard!
    I tried, for the sake of my daughter, to include her ‘father’. But he made his choice. My conscience is clear.
    In all honesty, I’m not displeased that she won’t be raised around such an excuse for a man!
    But…it’s hard.

    Right now, I’m existing in the void that others’ call life. I wonder if ANYONE really understands! If they can see beneath my facade and if so, who really cares?
    Friends get bored, like a novelty has worn off, and suddenly the helping hands are strained from carrying the “burden” that is my child and I.
    Family disappear, as if the fabricated disbanding and hatred of me Is reason enough to disregard my daughter!

    But you get it! Thank you honey.x.


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