Post Baby Sins

Before I had a baby, I was one of those non-parents who definitely did not know best. One of those ‘oh I’d never let my future kid scream like that in public’ and ‘isn’t that kid too old for a dummy’ because let’s face it, a few mates with kids and I had a motherhood degree. Right? WRONG.

So I thought I’d just write up a list of my pre-baby promises I definitely haven’t kept. You know, for the shits and giggles.

Those damn dummies. Heavens knows what I had against dummies before but that was for sure my first post baby sin. I mean, I just hated them pre baby, I thought they looked tacky. But one day when Elijah wouldn’t just relax whilst changing him, my mum presented me with a dummy and voila, silence.

To be fair, he only actually has them for nap times, and sometimes not even then! But I definitely under estimated them.

Screaming in public. This was a recent one. Pre baby, if I saw a kid throwing a tantrum in public I’d always be the smart ass with the ‘oh my child would NEVER do that’ comment. Boy was I wrong.

Cue an image of Elijah screaming bloody murder in his pram because the suns in his eyes walking up the mile long street home, but heaven forbid I pull the pram hood down because how will be ever see what’s going on then?! The longest 20 minutes of my life. I was 100% fed up with his shit and couldn’t care less who saw.

Screen time. GIMME ALL THE CBEEBIES. I’m not even gonna lie and say I never judged anyone for shoving their baby in front of the TV. Granted, a baby probably should do more than watch TV all day, but 10 minutes in the high chair with Mr Creepy Tumble on the TV does absolute wonders for my sanity! Peppa Pig can do one though.

Pom bear police. Alright, I confess. I used to cringe at people giving their kid’s junk food. Judgey bastard over here. Like I said in my weaning post, I had a very unrealistic idea of baby led weaning with Elijah at 6 months and cooking fresh veg and chopping all the healthy foods and fruit for him.

Fuck that. This fussy kid hates anything that isn’t crisp textured or carby! He’s obsessed with pom bears and veggie sticks and chips. Admittedly, he does love berries which is a winner. The boy just loves a beige buffet like his mama.

Bed sharing. I clearly remember me talking about bed sharing with someone at work, agreeing on how bloody dangerous it is and ‘wouldn’t the baby get squished’ and all sorts. Yet here I am, still bed sharing 9 months on! Luckily, I got way clued up on it. It’s very safe and beneficial! It made breastfeeding a hella lot easier in the early days.

There’s probably still more to come, let’s be honest. But that’ll do my confessions for now. I’m eager to know I’m not the only one so fess up!! I want those confessions, if only just to make me feel slightly better about myself! Haha.

Here’s a pic of my bed sharing dummy loving babe.


Laura Loveday xo


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