Weaning: The Right Way

I started weaning Elijah onto food the week he turned 6 months old, and it was so so stressful. I had this image in my head, that at 6 months old I’d start baby led weaning and all would be great! Well it bloody wasn’t.

Elijah is such a grabby baby, like every toy he plays with goes straight to his mouth, and he was always grabbing for my food – so I thought BLW would go swimmingly! I thought wrong.

For his first solid foods, I plopped him in to his high chair and presented him with his first mini roast dinner – just a few potatoes and veggie. He just started making a real weird noise at me and didn’t even entertain the food. 10 minutes later I’d already taken him out because he just hated it.

Over the next few weeks I persisted with baby led weaning, but I also attempted traditional finger foods like toast, finger shaped veggie and other little bits. I even chucked a few pouches in the mix!

He just wasn’t interested! I stopped offering for a little while and only just re-introduced food in the last week or so. I’m glad I didn’t stress too much and held back, because he’s definitely much more interested now! He’s still really unsure on a lot of food, but he’ actually eating some properly now.

At the moment he’s loving berries, pasta and noodles, little veggie sticks and a few other bits. It’s still quite stressful sometimes still and bloody annoying when he chucks food straight to the floor for the dog.

Anyway, I just thought I’d write this post because there really is no ‘right’ way to wean your baby onto foods. Whether you wait a little longer, start on purees or go straight into foods. Do whatever works for you!


Laura Loveday xo


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