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Making Memories With Cheerz

Okay, I’m not actually making memories with Cheerz, but they’re doing a grand job on helping me store the memories that have already been made!

As a compulsive keeper of things, I just adore having physical copies of photos I love. I’m always so worried about my laptop or phone being accidentally wiped, imagine losing all those memories! Elijah’s first food, first bath, our random days out – the lot, gone! I know there’s a lot worse problems to have, but this would break my heart.

Anyway, rambling over (for now) when Cheerz emailed me back I jumped at the chance of trying their services. I’ve received a bunch of their Classic 11x15cm prints, and I wasn’t disappointed!

There’s tons of other products – I have my eye on a photobox! They have photo frames, magnets, so many different style prints, the possibilities are endless.

It was dead easy to upload my photos for printing, you can link a bunch of social media accounts to the app including Facebook and Instagram! It took me minutes to upload (after 20 minutes of choosing my fave pictures) and voila, my order was in.

You can also upload and use Cheerz online here.

They took less than a week to arrive in their signature Cheerz packaging. In a little pastel classic looking photo pouch included my lovely prints. Of course, I chose all pictures of Elijah, that’s just standard.

A little surprise at the bottom of the packet was a lovely few strips of negative versions of the pictures I uploaded! A lovely little touch.

I’m super impressed at the quality of these prints, they feel lovely – definitely not cheap and flimsy like some might expect. They all have a white border which absolutely makes a huge difference! They look beautiful and I can’t wait to see what I can do with them. Stay tuned for that!

Laura Loveday xo


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