Me And Max Clothing

This is just going to be a quick little review on of handmade baby clothes shop I found on Instagram a few months ago. I don’t usually write reviews like this solely on one brand but this shop is so under rated it deserves some well earned attention!

I’ve no idea how I found the page Me and Max clothing, but I instantly loved the different prints they had in stock. I swiftly DM’d her my order and she sorted it out so fast and efficiently for me, it was almost too easy to spend money! Life of a shopaholic.


Anyway, I ordered the Dinosaur Star print in leggings, and she had a fab offer on at the time of a free matching dribble bib (an absolute necessity for my dribbly child) which made it even better. Elijah lives in leggings at the moment, they just cater so much better for his chunky thighs and cloth butt.


My order arrived within a week of ordering, honestly A* for that turn around time!! It arrived in some really cute packaging wrapped with yellow tissue paper, straw string and a little animal feature. How sweet!


The fit is perfect, definitely true to size. Elijah’s in 9-12 and has been for a while now so I always order the size he’s about to go in. They’re stretchy around the waist which is fab for his chubby belly, but fit well with room down his legs. And cloth bum mums, your’re good to go! Plenty of room for a cloth nappy!

Elijah has worn this set loads now, and it still has plenty more wear left in them! The dribble bib must have absorbed 50 litres of dribble by now but it’s definitely still going strong.

Okay, enough chattering now. I’ll leave you with a link to their Instagram page to have a browse. Honestly, I can’t fault this brand, and I give it my all 10/10. She’s really kindly given my a 10% off code to give out, so if you make an order quote ‘elijah10′ and save some monies!

Here’s their Instagram!!


Laura Loveday xo


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