21st Birthday Wish List


So, the big 21st birthday is coming up. Do I need more reason to write a wish list? Now I’m not actually expecting anything from this – I’m doing this purely out of boredom, because having a baby means I can only really window shop for all the nice things I want! Not that I’d have it any other way any more!!

I thought I’d do this from the comfort of my bed, with my new addiction Faver. If you haven’t been on this site yet – take a look!! It’s like shopping in real life, but without the social interaction! Perfect for when you just can’t deal with old dorris moaning to you about taking up all the aisle with your pram.

Faver is literally Pinterest but for actual shopping, it’s bloody fabulous. Here’s a link to have a lil look.. I’ll warn you though, it’s addicting.

A nice spa day (or even hour!)

What girl doesn’t fancy a spa day every now and again? I wonder how far into a massage I’d be until Elijah started whining for boob…

My old favourite make up!

Because really, a girl has to sacrifice all John Lewis department makeup for baby clothes and nappies once motherhood begins. I miss Estee Lauder double wear foundation (in ivory nude ;)) sooo much.

Also, Benefit Gel Liner

and Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter.

I could always do with a Kylie Lip Kit set. **Enter alllll the hearty eyes emojis!!**

Breast milk jewellery

These aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I think they’re so beautiful! Such an amazing keepsake to represent a breastfeeding journey, one of which is so important to a breastfeeding mum. I’m a crafty bugger though so I could probably make one myself with a DIY kit!

Yankee candles

God, I always have time for a good old Yankee Candle! Clean Cotton is to die for, but my heart lies with Pink Sand!

Lush Cosmetics

If I’m honest, I’d just be listing the whole website if I’m choosing what I’d want from here! I’ll stick with my favourite four.

Tea Tree WaterMy skin care must have

Don’t Look At Me – My favourite face mask everrrr

Curly Wurly Shampoo – The only shampoo to tame my ridiculous hair

Lush Life Gift Set – Because, obviously.

Laura Loveday xo


4 thoughts on “21st Birthday Wish List”

  1. Haha tempted to make of these myself 👌 my 21st is coming up Sunday. Lol I used that same picture for my party invite haha. By the way both our babies have the same name 😍 cute!


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