A Note To My Teenage Self

Oh gosh, my 15 year old self was an absolute nightmare. If I could go back 6 years and give myself some pretty decent advice, I 100% would.

Teachers have feelings too!

Funnily enough, they do, they’re people too. I wasn’t the most pleasant teenager to be around, mood swings and puberty made me a hormonal snappy mess. I didn’t care for teachers feelings, and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them to fuck off and that they’re a shit teacher! Looking back, I feel so horrible, I wish I could tell them all I’m sorry. Except two, I really hated two and they really hated me back.

Have some fun, but for gods sake just take the scarf off if they ask you!

God knows how infuriating it must have been to teach me. I don’t regret having fun in school, the odd running around the hallways at break times hiding from teachers and turning all the classroom clocks backwards. Though, I have no idea why I wouldn’t just do little things that were asked! Like taking my scarf off, or just leaving my back in the form room? Honestly, I’d have had a lot less hours spent in detention and iso.

Stop caring what other people think of you!

It doesn’t matter, not one bit! The only person you need to care about is yourself, and yourself only. It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks of you. Wether they don’t like your really orange foundation (very guilty) or don’t like who your new friendship group is – who gives a fuck? You really only need to please yourself!

Take care of yourself

Oh my goodness, DRINK SOME WATER!!! Ditch those stupid 35p energy drinks and get some water down your throat! My poor tummy! As a teen I skipped breastfast, lunch would be some crisps I grabbed from the kitchen on the way out to school and a pot noodle at my at-the-time boyfriend’s house for dinner! Admittedly, I always had a nice cooked meal by my parents waiting for me when I got the 10pm bus home, not sure if 30 seconds in the microwave would’ve done me any good though.

None of this will matter within a year of leaving

Or even months. You’ll forget all about the ridiculous cliques, the classroom bitchiness, the boys who get with everyone, the corridor whispering and everything else. It’s a thing of the past, believe it or not

Anyway, that’s that. I’ll leave you with just a few of the many gross school pictures and selfie attempts.


Laura Loveday xo


5 thoughts on “A Note To My Teenage Self”

  1. Iso! I forgot all about that word until now – now I’m remembering countless days spent there “reflecting” (passing notes to the person in the booth next to me). Sounds like 15 year old me and you would have got along great 😂


  2. This is great! Except a lot of teens are dumb and don’t usually listen to advice haha I doubt I would’ve listened to my own advice if I went back in time to tell myself what not to do


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