Almost 7 Months On

Where the heck have the last seven months gone?! I swear it was just yesterday I had the shock of two dark lines on the test I took for a laugh.

Anyway, I thought I’d write a quick post as an ‘update’ on what’s new with Elijah. Even if no one cares to read this it’ll be nice for me to look back on in the future!

So, Elijah’s 29 weeks old now, so almost 7 months old. He weighs 20lbs 8oz (go boobies!) and speaking of boobs, he’s still obsessed. No, he’s actually okay, he’s still exclusively breastfed but can go for a little while between feeds. He’s still boobing to sleep, which honestly doesn’t bother me – in fact, I like it because it’s so easy!

He’s a brilliant sleeper. He’s got himself into his own little routine – around 8-9pm he’ll be urging me to take him upstairs to bed! Then he’ll feed, fall asleep and roll over until I go to bed around 11pm and give him a dream feed. He wakes up around 8am and usually only wakes once or twice in the night, sometimes he doesn’t wake at all! He’s a little belly sleeper and likes to roll away from me.

Elijah has perfected the army crawl! Occasionally he’ll go onto all fours like a ‘proper’ crawl but he much prefers to army crawl. He absolutely loves the freedom of being able to get himself around! He likes to roll around, army crawl and pivot around any room anywhere! He especially loves it at soft play as it’s even easier for him to get from one side to the other.

Two little teethies have cut!! I’m hoping now these two are here, he’ll get a little break from teething. My heart can’t cope with seeing him in pain with swollen and sore gums! Thank the lord for anbosel though!!

Food is off the menu for Elijah! He’s just not interested in it at all! I’ve tried meals, finger foods, fresh fruit and veggies, even purees now! He does like toast and sweet potatoes, but nothing else really! He’s quite keen on pom bears but I’d rather not give him a big taste for them yet. I’m not worried though, food before one is for fun after all. Breast milk is still all he really needs so I’ll just keep trying to offer as and when he wants it.

The way he lifts his arms up when I reach out for him is just the most wonderful thing to watch. I love that he actually knows who I am now, and he knows who others are too! He smiles his head off as soon as he hears his Nanny.


Laura Loveday xo


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