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Body Lovin’

Today was a massive turning point for me. I’ve never been particularly confident with my body, in fact I’ve always loathed how I look. From my hair, to my legs, to my skin. Hated it all.

I’ve attempted healthy eating and exercising a million times, but I’m far too lazy to keep it up and always end up back in bed scoffing all the biscuits.

But today I thought ‘fuck it’. This body made a fucking baby, that’s badass. It nourished my lovely baby boy and gave him everything he needed for a whole nine months.

Why should I hate my body when it did that? It’s incredible. We don’t give our bodies enough credit, especially as mothers. Most days I’m hidden under jeans and a baggy tee or jumper, but today I went out of my comfort zone.

It’s just a little crop jumper from new look, paired with some high waist ripped jeans. But it’s the first time in ages I’ve felt half decent.

I’ve no idea what the point to this post is, I’m just rambling on now. But all you mamas reading this, just remember to love your body. Treat it good, and treat yo’self.

In the words of Ru Paul, ‘if you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else, can I get an amen?’


Laura Loveday xo


2 thoughts on “Body Lovin’”

  1. You look fab Laura!! As women I think we all guilty of being very harsh on ourselves but we so easily tell someone else how great they look. Embrace yourself and go rock you hot Mumma x


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