Cloth Nappies So Far

So if you haven’t noticed from my Instagram cloth spam, we’ve started to use cloth nappies much more regularly! I’m using them on Elijah in the day time, I haven’t quite mastered night time cloth as he’s a real heavy wetter and we haven’t found any to work at night.

I’m obsessed with bambino miosolos at the moment, the prints are to die for and they seem to work well for us! My bank account is looking a little sore because I’m incapable of budgeting but his cloth collection is looking just wonderful.


I thought I’d make a little pros and cons list for anyone considering cloth nappies.

First things first, let’s talk prints. Bambino mio have THE cutest cloth prints I’ve seen so far. The last Aldi range (rainy days, kites and bicycles) are my absolute favourite. Elijah with a lil cloth bum is my fave thing ever.


Cloth nappies are SO much kinder to Elijah’s eczema prone skin. Since a few weeks old he’s been really prone to eczema and dry skin, we’ve had various creams and remedies but it’s pretty much under control now. He’d always be a little bit sore around the nappy edges, but since using cloth it’s been non existent. But obviously, nice fluffy cloth is going to be much nicer to the skin than chemically disposable nappies!

As well as being kinder to skin, they’re SO much kinder to the environment! They’re amazingly eco friendly. If you have 15 cloth nappies and use them on the regular, that’s 3000 less disposies in landfill! Mother Nature thanks you, clothies.

Okay, so the initial cost can add up. But gosh it’s worth it! I have 12 cloths I use on the regular, and have only had to purchase 1 pack of disposable nappies in the last 2 months! However, cloth nappies don’t really lose their value, so if they don’t work out for you or your little one is potty trained, you can sell them on and get some money back! I know I’ve saved so much money in the long using them.

The main con for me is the washing part of them. I’m the least domesticated person EVER. I suck at washing. The poop nappies aren’t actually so bad at the minute because Elijah’s still mainly on a boob diet with very little food, so it’s water soluble and I don’t have to do anything special other than chuck them in the washing machine. Although it’s weirdly satisfying seeing them all nicely lined up on the washing line and all folded up afterwards!

I’m not sure it’s actually a con, but they’re so addictive! I’m so easily drawn in to purchasing new prints all the time. I often ask myself how on earth cloth nappies can be so addictive? Now I KNOW I can’t be alone on this one.

Anyway, that’s all the pros and cons I can think of right now. We’re loving cloth, and I think I’ll stick with miosolos purely because they’re all in one and I’m super lazy. I hope I can encourage more people to go cloth, even if it’s just 1 a week, the environment thanks you! I’m glad I did.

Laura Loveday xo


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