Elijah, 15 weeks in

I can’t believe Elijah is almost 15 weeks old. It seems ridiculous! I thought he’d never arrive and now all of a sudden he’s sped past 3 months! I haven’t posted about him on here in a while so I thought I’d do a quick little ‘update’ post, for anybody who fancies a read.


Elijah currently loves: his hands, baths, and my boobs.

Since he’s found his hands, they’re more often than not in his mouth. He’s obsessed. He’s just grasped the ability to grab and hold things – for example this morning he gave me a very un-welcomed nipple cripple. Thanks son. He’s a clever boy, though, and has started to really enjoy his toys and teddies.

He’s obsessed with being in the bath! He loves them, I don’t really use the seat anymore because he just loves to be all in the water. He does the biggest kicks and they’re so bloody cute. The smile on his face as he realises he made the big splash is enough to break anybody’s heart!

He is a complete boob monster. I’m exclusively breastfeeding him and it’s going amazingly now! I’m so bloody glad I made it through the first two months of it because the hardest part is now over. He still cluster feeds every now and again but nowhere near as much as he did when newborn. I did say before about attempting to combine feed him, but that went down the drain, he won’t even take a bottle of my expressed milk anymore! It’s no bother just feeding him straight from the boob, but it was handy being able to leave him with my mum with a bottle of expressed for a few hours.

My boob milk must be doing something right though – he’s just passed 3 months and is already in 3-9 month clothes! He was only in 3-6m for a month and I’d just kitted him out in a new set of clothes. I don’t mind though because it just meant I could do some more baby clothes shopping (yay).

He was ill last week, which resulted in an awful 5 day period where he would have a melt down every few hours. That was bloody exhausting and I felt like I was verging on a melt down every time but he’s good now!

He’s an OK sleeper, he slept right through the night for about a week *Hallalujuah* and I felt like the most rested mama out there. Last night though he woke every 2 hours for a feed, which didn’t feel so bad as before because I’ve had a right catch up on my sleep. He sleeps in bed with me which is the best ever, because who doesn’t like baby cuddles? It means we both get tons more sleep, and I can just roll over and feed to sleep when he wants!

He’s the happiest cheekiest baby I know. He gives the cheesiest smile to everyone and anyone. He’s a ladies man for sure! Anyway, he’s fussing for a feed now, so I’ll leave this post here. I’m forever posting photos and updates on my Instagram so feel free to follow!

Laura Loveday xo


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