Leaving Behind 2016

It’s time for all the ‘new year, new me’ posts, and I know this just another one in the form of a blog post. However I really do mean it this year, and I’m writing this post to start off the positive vibes I hope to embrace in 2017.


This year is totally different for me. This time, I’m entering the new year with my little baby boy by my side. He is my reason and my rock. I finally have my reason to focus on myself, my career and my future. Now I have brand new goals, achievable but extremely challenging.
It’s funny how a tiny human can change your life so much! I want only the best for him and I can honestly say I’d travel the worlds ends for him and to give him the best future I possibly can.
2016 was the best and the worst year for me! It was so full of ups and downs, I’d go from one extreme to the other!
I ended a 5 year relationship, which as difficult as it was, it meant I was physically and mentally freed. It was needed, because you get far too comfortable in an unhealthy situation. You lose yourself.
I moved out of the house and into a new house with a new housemate, who was a good friend for a while. Shortly after this emotional and crazy month, I found out I was pregnant, which was a shock to say the least.
Nobody was expecting that.
That was definitely a high for the next few months. Carrying my lovely little son. A few months later I ended up moving again, but this time I ended up being conned of half a grand. At 6 months pregnant, almost being homeless and ยฃ500 shorter, I was probably at my lowest. I don’t know how some people sleep at night.
I must have a guardian angel because I got through it, I got stronger. I took maternity leave early and moved back in with my parents which was the best decision I’d made in a while.
I managed to get through labour and give birth to the most perfect 7lb 10oz bundle of joy and end this year on the biggest high I believe possible!

I have so many plans for me and Elijah! I have a new career path in mind, and so much fresh blog content to pursue! And I get to do all of this whilst raising Elijah and watching him become his own person.
This time next year, I want to be looking back to 2017 with more positives than negatives. 2016 has thrown the worst at me.
All I can say is 2017, bring it on.


Laura Lovedayย xo


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