Crafty Christmas

I told myself, I wouldn’t be ‘that‘ mum. The mum who is always doing something with or for their child. That one who is forever posting picture after picture or their baby as if they’d never get another chance to ever again. Turns out, I am.

I’m not even ashamed of that, I love my little boy to pieces. This is his first Christmas and I want to make it a bloody good one! I’m not doing this just for me, but because I want him to look back in a few years time and see how special we made it for him, and so he can see how treasured he really is.


Being a crafty little bugger, I decided I needed to do something imaginative with Elijah. However, with him only being 6 weeks old and more often than not, attached to my boob, I don’t have ridiculous amount of time to spend doing things like this.

I’m also attempting to save money for a house, so I had to be tight, too. This little project cost me less than a tenner, so I can’t complain at that!


You probably have seen these before, I’ve seen quite a few! I love them, they’re such a ‘classic’ craft. The old painted footprints.


I’ve made some little reindeer a Christmas tree, some elves and ‘mistletoes’.

Here’s the finished ones, I adore them! They’re so sentimental, I’ll probably keep them forever now – minus the one or two I’ll no doubt gift as Christmas presents!



They’re so simple to make, and quite quick – once you minus out the feeds, nappy changes and mini tantrums from the equation!

I brought the baby safe paints, thick paper and photo frames all from Asda for under £10. Bargain!

Send me your Christmas crafts, I love seeing pictures for inspiration!
Laura Loveday xo


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